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Welcome to the website of Ramensky steel structures plant

Welcome to the website of Ramensky steel fabrication facility. Our plant is one of the largest facilities producing building steel structures in Russia. As an experienced and highly qualified producer of building steel structures and installations for all applications and of all types , we offer our services to Czech companies working in Russia or planning to enter the Russian market. Cooperation with our company will enable you not only offer modern European technologies and equipment to your Russian customers, but to provide them with complete delivery of production, storage, commercial and other facilities which will ideally suit their operating conditions in any region of Russia.We will assist you in the preparation of designs conforming to all construction norms and rules currently valid in Russia. We will produce and assemble all the steel structures at the European level of quality, successfully submit the results of our work to the State Commission and other supervisory authorities. Our production has all the necessary European certificates associated with the production of steel structures and our factory design bureau has extensive experience of cooperation with European engineering firms in terms of adapting their projects to Russian conditions of production and construction.

We will improve the quality of your offer on the Russian market and facilitate your business. To create additional opportunities for cooperation with European companies and simplification of procedures for implementing formal contracts, Ramensky plant established its branch in the Czech Republic.

Czech branch is a 100% Czech company, registered in the Trade Register of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic and in all other public institutions, operates in full compliance with the Czech legislation and is a VAT payer in the Czech Republic. Reviews from our Czech customers can be seen here.

There is another aspect of our cooperation offer at Russian territory. We can promote complex products (your technologies and equipment + our buildings) on the Russian market. We are ready to actively offer such a joint product to our customers in Russia, including large investment companies and bodies of regional and municipal authorities, and successful industrial companies.

Your activities on the Russian market will be backed by our 20 years of experience, extensive connections and the solid reputation of our company.  

At the same time supply of construction steel ordered through the Czech subsidiary, is an order placed in the Czech company. This may be important fact for export financing of the project by Czech banks.

Another focus of the Czech branch of Ramensky building steel construction yard is the supply of steel structures of all types in the Czech Republic and other countries of the European Union (EU) and the countries of the former Soviet Union to the construction projects of European firms.
Our logistics, as well as the registration number EORI as legal entity of foreign trade activity in the EU countries, allows us to guarantee to potential customers: OUR PRICES FOR METAL CONSTRUCTIONS WITH ALL TRANSPORT AND CUSTOMS COST TO BE EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE IN YOUR COUNTRY. The proof of this statement are already completed projects in the Czech Republic and Belarus.

Let Ramensky steel fabrication facility be your reliable and beneficial partner from Russia.